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Why GetSetGo Marketing?

Experience working in the high tech industry

  • I have work experience in different functions in various technology domains.  I have worked as an Engineer, Product Manager, Business Analyst, and Marketer - in the Electronic Design Automation, Open Source Storage Solutions, Consumer Internet, and Data Analysis domains.  This gives me a good overview and an ability to understand technical concepts and clearly explain them.  I also have an MS in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University and an MBA from Santa Clara University

  • This breadth of experience means I have the ability to quickly learn new concepts and trends put them to use - in creating a marketing collateral, in product or business requirement documents, in presentations, etc. 


Experience with writing

  • I have written articles that have appeared in tech publications like EE Times, Open Source for U magazine, and blogs for Linux Foundation.  In addition, I have written technical documentation and have developed presentations

  • I have experience in doing research during graduate school and during my career.  Due to this background, I ensure that my writing is factual, thorough and entertaining.


Experience with marketing strategy

  • I have experience developing a marketing strategy for startups and small businesses.  


Experience evaluating Business Plans

  • I have reviewed several hundred business plans as part of my association with Miller Center and Boomer Venture Summit (accelerators) at Santa Clara University.