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You have a great technology product

So it is essential to explain and market its benefits to your customers

As a busy marketer in a small to a medium-sized tech company, you are constantly inundated with requests for content.  However, it seems there aren’t enough hours in the day to get that content written!


Moreover, you wished someone could help you quickly fulfill this constant demand for high-quality long and short-form content. GetSetGo Marketing can work side-by-side to help you meet this demand and accelerate your efforts to reach your goals.


With more than 25 years of experience in content development, competitive analysis, engineering, product management, industry analysis in a range of tech companies (Semiconductors, Internet, Open Source Software, Security SaaS, Research, and High-tech publishing) we understand the tech industry and its trends.

We can distill this knowledge into compelling technical content.  Have a project in mind? Great, we'd love to help!

GetSetGo Marketing Services

Content Creation | Presentations | Strategy

GetSetGo Marketing solves the problem of creating content that engages customers and potential customers anywhere in your marketing funnel.  We can create the following different types of content :  

  • Articles

  • Blogs 

  • Case-studies 

  • White-papers

  • Data sheets

  • Presentations and webinar content

  • Competitive Analysis



Content Creation

Combine technology and storytelling

Finding a marketer with a quick grasp of technology can be hard. Even harder is to find a marketer who can consistently deliver engaging content.

Someone with the skills to communicate your technology, value proposition and differentiation, and your message so that it resonates with your over-marketed audience and drives action.


Sometimes communication needs more than facts and figures to persuade the audience.  It needs emotional engagement and in-depth technical understanding.  And that's where GetSetGo Marketing comes in.


Presentations that lead to audience action

You spend hours on creating and perfecting your presentation - but they are soon forgotten? People attend your presentations but do not take action?


Why does this keep happening?

Creating presentations that are effective is hard work and given the easy availability of templates and graphics - it also becomes very confusing and time-consuming. 


Creating presentations that engage and drive action requires an understanding of the target market and building such that it inspires action, not just engagement.  GetSetGo Marketing will help you build your next presentation.

Strategy Creation

How to find the target market?

Ever wondered why companies with great technology and a great team fail?  It has to do with marketing with the right message to the right audience. 


A profound understanding of the target market and its problems separates winners from losers.But how do you find that target market?  And, finding the target market is not a random occurrence.


It is a systematically and carefully designed series of steps executed and measured such that it maximizes the probability of finding the target market.  GetSetGo Marketing can help you discover your target market 

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