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I help tech founders 

meet their


even if they lack 

an IN-HOUSE marketing team, 


and their 

product is UNKNOWN 

to their market 

Some companies I've contributed to

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About Vinima

I was an engineer. Then I switched to marketing.

Rather than building the next great feature, I found myself thinking more about the journey of getting that feature into the hands (or screens) of excited and delighted users. 


As a marketer, I love finding the market for products and features. 

I think about questions such as :


How to find the market from the sea of people out there? From that market, what people/companies are right for the stage of your product? What distribution channels to use? Are there any low-cost and high-yield marketing channels? How to engage with this market through content and ad-campaigns so that it becomes sales-ready?   What campaigns work best?


I have had the good fortune of working with some world-class engineers both as an engineer and as a marketer. And I've loved that experience.


I've found these engineers to be nice folks with deep knowledge and love for their craft.  Always willing to help and eager to teach -- and sometimes show-off  -- the stuff they’ve built.


They usually think marketing is ‘fluff’ and are usually turned off by it. However, they quickly reverse that thinking when they see the value of marketing in action and DATA. 


If that is you, I would love the opportunity to work together.


I have a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University and an MBA from Santa Clara University for my credentials.


This means that I'm comfortable with marketing, technology, data and will be with your product too!

When it comes to business here is

what guides me

  • I'm here to do the best work of my life and so are you. I bring marketing brains to the table and you bring the product.  

Together we create magic!


  • Less is more. I believe in quality over quantity. Focus over distraction. Few marketing tactics over 'throw spaghetti on the wall' approach.                                                                 And so do you. Your product is a result of your focus and perseverance.

  • I help companies grow but in no rush to scale my business. I work with a very few clients at a time. Balance and quality are what I value.  

                  You love building. Putting that technology in the hands of people gives you more joy than an exit plan.


  • Scale will happen if it's the right path for you and your company.  Growth for the sake of growth isn't good for anyone.

Business Conference

How I can help you

Analyzing Data
Business Team

2x Acceleration Blueprint

  • Listen to your market through in-depth research to find opportunities for growth and revenue.

  • In addition to the usual marketing channels, I identify low-cost and high-yield marketing channels if they exist for your market and product.

  • Generate insights on the key benefits that will influence decision-makers in your market.  And distinguish you from alternatives and not just the competition.

  • Create a 'Value Proposition and Messaging Matrix' that will separate you from alternatives and communicate key benefits to the decision-makers in your industry.

  • If your goal is to reach early-adopters get insights on the right campaigns for them.

You gain extreme clarity and walk away with a customized '2x Acceleration Blueprint'. You have a step-by-step action plan that you can execute yourself or hire me to execute for you.


90-day Content Master-Plan

  • A customized content strategy founded upon the research from 2x Acceleration Blueprint. Whether your goals are to influence early-adopters, decision-makers, or build awareness, I have you covered! I

  • Content that is written to influence and educate decision-makers or early-adopters. Depending on your growth goals.

  • Some content types are blogs, whitepapers, case -studies, or how-to guides. Written using the best practices in content marketing.

The benefits of the plan are a warm, and sales-ready market nurtured using the content. Resulting in a shortened sales-cycle.



Vinima helped in preparing competitive collateral for Juniper's switching product lines which was used to train field  in showcasing Juniper's value proposition.

Venkata Duggirala, Director, Product Line Management, Juniper Networks

I vaguely remember thinking something like but what she says doesn't apply to Rockstor, only to be challenged more and come up with a better perspective. I respected her ideas more over time. 

Suman Chakravartula, Founder, Rockstor

She brought structure to the process of requirement gathering and implemented improvements to the communication process with the business team and with the Product Owner. She lead the effort of proposing a sophisticated self-service BI model for the Walmart Canada team.

Colton Weeks, Sr. Project Manager, Walmart Labs
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