I am an engineer-turned-marketer. Building a product is good, but to me, the journey to getting that product into the hands (or screens) of excited and delighted users -- is even better! 

I love working with both qualitative and quantitative data. And combining that with intuition to generate eye-opening insights that can fundamentally change the trajectory of an early-stage start-up. That's the reason I love growth marketing and demand generation.

Prior to founding GetSetGo Marketing, I've worked in different companies in different roles and functions: from successful start-ups to Walmart Labs and Apple, and from an engineer, Business Analyst to a Product Manager. But what drives me is early-stage start-ups and how to grow them and get them to the next level of growth and revenue. 

I have a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University and an MBA from Santa Clara University. Outside the formal education, I'm always learning from the best -- be it, copywriters, growth marketers, agencies, marketing strategists, online courses in digital marketing, and of course books.



Tel. 408-373-8045