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Suman Chakravartula

Founder, Rockstor

"We were coming from different angles -- I had strong reservations about doing things I was not excited about (eg: getting the word out about Rockstor in every possible way). But Vinima shined the light on the importance of doing that. There was a technical gap between us. Though this was an obstacle, I think it pointed out to so many flaws on the tech side of Rockstor.

Vinima brought a fresh perspective and bridged the gap between obvious strategic things example: spread the word on forums that are low hanging fruit, and harder risky strategic things as an example: talks and ad-buys and other mainstream marketing ideas that I was not well informed about. I found that Vinima was an out of the box thinker when it came to Rockstor, whereas I was very much in the box. This made me pause and reconsider some of my assumptions. Working with Vinima, I realized that certain aspects of business development are same across different kinds of businesses,

Vinima has strong opinions about different choices and she voiced them well and that made me think differently. She took challenges from my arguments gracefully -- I vaguely remember thinking something like -- but what she says doesn't apply to Rockstor, only to be challenged more and come up with a better perspective. I respected her ideas more over time.  

Having a passionate and a long-term interest in applying her talents and skills, not minding discomfort, adversity, growing as a result and continuing the virtuous cycle. I think this is also one of the important reasons I'd recommend her."

Venkata Duggirala

Senior Manager, Product Line Management, Juniper Networks

"Vinima is very motivated about her work and follows through till the end. She has great inter-personal skills and is able to communicate and connect to everybody within and outside the team. Vinima helped in preparing competitive collateral for Juniper's switching product lines which was used to train field in showcasing Juniper's value proposition. I recommend Vinima for any Marketing role as she will be a great asset to any organization."

Colton Weeks

Project Manager, Walmart Labs

"Vinima was the lead Business Analyst for the Walmart Canada BI team. She brought structure to the process of requirement gathering and implemented improvements to the communication process with the business team and with the Product Owner. She lead the effort of proposing a sophisticated self-service BI model for the Walmart Canada team. She has fantastic communication skills, she is a very fast learner, and she is an effective team player. I highly recommend her to anyone considering adding her to their team."
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