Vinima Aggarwal

Before I was in high school, my family had moved at least seven times in different towns across India.  But, unknown to me at that time, I gained perspectives and more importantly stories - as I lost friends and communities!


I wanted to be a journalist but a class in semiconductors and electronic devices had me hooked. I wanted to explore that world between journalism and engineering, I chose to study engineering. I continued my sense of adventure by moving to the US for graduate school and explore life in this new country. My first job was at a startup called Verific Design Automation where I worked with Rob Dekker.  And that changed my understanding of the world.


Rob enforced excellence - engineering was my curiosity and not my deep passion - so, unlike Rob, I could not become an exceptional engineer.  What ensued was a journey to combine my curiosity and passion -- and jobs as Product Manager, Business Analyst, Marketer in a range of companies - People Group, Walmart eCommerce, Apple, and Rockstor and an MBA.


Technology is my curiosity and I love to understand and learn new and emerging technology products and services.  Communication is my passion. At GetSetGo Marketing I aspire to combine technology and communication to deliver content solutions that compel and lead to action.

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