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Why GetSetGo?

I believe that early-stage start-up marketing should not be expensive, wasteful, or a shot in the dark with yet another tactic.  The best way to market, in my opinion, is to always start with the inexpensive or free channels (talking to potential customers, contributing to forums, building a community, and blogging (and guest blogging) and tweaking that unless paid advertising reveals itself to be a necessary next step in your growth plan.

Marketing at an early stage can be confusing because your product is still evolving, appeals only to a few users, and the broader market is unknown. It can be tempting to copy what others are doing and execute tactics that may end up costing a lot.  And that's where marketing gets a bad name, especially with tech founders.  It's not marketing that is bad, rather an understanding of the users, the market, and what it actually wants from your product -- that is incomplete. 


It helps to bring in a professional that can help you build an overall strategy keeping in mind your product, business model, target market and growth goals.  Yes, as with anything with a build vs. buy, you can spend time learning all the foundational growth marketing on your own -- which, by the way, is actually a pretty standard set of steps.


Where GetSetGo Marketing can help you save you time as we solve for growth at many early stage startups.  Our expertise, experience, and connection to a network of growth professionals gives us the experience and intuition to build a strategy that is right for the stage of your business.  


Our mission as a company is to create your success -- whatever it may look like -- clarity or increasing number of users or revenue.  We can work with you do create that success. A good marketing plan will identify the right channels for your product, and work with your business model to reach your target market. It may so happen that you will tweak and adjust your product to appeal to your target market, fit the business model, and the channel.

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