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Marketing Company

90 Days Execution

Analyzing Data
Business Team

Content  Strategy

  • It's not yet another content strategy.  Rather it's a highly focused go-to-market plan.


  • We interview your current customers. Or conduct customer development interviews with your prospects.  We can send surveys where appropriate.

  • We analyze your current data. CRM, sales, website heatmaps, analytics, etc.

  • We look at competitive data, voice-of-customer data, backlinks.  

  • We study your product architecture and understand your product and its use-cases.  We can  use your product to improve our understanding of it.

  • We then process these qualitative and quantitative data.

  •  Armed with this knowledge, we build a customized growth plan for your startup that will connect you to more of your ideal customers, identify strategies to retain them, and meet your MRR goals. 

  • We   identify the right KPIs  for your  marketing.

Content Generation   

  • We use the content strategy/go-to-market plan to identify the right content frameworks for your stage of the business and the  for the different stages  of your sales  funnel. 

  • It is   important to identify the   right accounts and  prospects for the stage of  your product

  • We write the content.   Blogs,   whitepapers, case -studies.    Written using the best practices  in content marketing.

  •  Help you with  scripts for    video sales letters,  infographics  


  •  We have developed website content for several start-ups. Landing pages for social -media campaigns.  And can do the same for you.


  • My team has experienced UX designer  and we can design consumer-looking websites for B2B companies.  And design content assets and ad-creatives.

  •  We prepare you  for content  distribution and identify the right publications    for backlinks and display advertising.  In other words, content syndication.  We can help you with Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads campaign.

  • We can optimize and measure your campaigns.

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